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March-April 2006 Newsletter


by , VP Touring

Welcome to the 2006 Touring Season! I’ve been hard at work preparing for another great season of riding.

In preparation, I have been working with the Executive Committee on new Touring Program Guidelines and Ride Captain Guidelines. As I write this article, the two are still being worked out by the Executive Committee. So I will not be able give too many details here. But the guidelines will be available on the LBC Web site (http://www.louisvillebicycleclub.org/touring.htm). Also, I’ll be briefing the changes during the March General Membership meeting.

Another big change for this year will be the advent of Ride Captain Training, offered by the Touring Committee. This training, to first be offered on March 27th, will be available to all of the current ride captains and those thinking about captaining some rides.

The weeknight rides will start back in April. We’ll be going back to Cycler’s Café for our Tuesday night rides. But there will be some changes. If you look at the schedule, you’ll see two rides starting at Cycler’s Café with a fifteen minute difference. The first ride will be for those who can maintain a 20-mph average. This will not be a race, just a faster pace. The second ride will offer a more moderate pace for the majority of riders.

A couple of other rides I wanted to mention: Larry Preble will be offering his Westport Increment New Goals Series (W.I.N.G.S.). Not only will Larry be offering some great routes, but there is a great incentive to participate. See his article here. Also, Ron and Vicky Dobbs will be offering their Double the Fun rides. These rides will offer routes more favorable for tandem riders, but all are encouraged to join in.

Finally, let’s talk about the Tour de Mad Dog. The TMD has become a better weather predictor than most of the weather forecasters. Despite a very mild winter, we had to cancel two stages and a third was borderline with the extreme frigid temperatures. The TMD will continue on March 4th with stage number 4 (Lawrenceburg Loop). To be a qualified “finisher” of the 2006 Tour de Mad Dog, you must have completed one stage by the fifth stage, the Urbane Century on April 8th.


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