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May-June 2006 Newsletter

Newsletter Delivery by E-mail

The LBC 2006 budget for newsletter costs is $5,000, which represents nearly 25% of our total program costs. In an attempt to reduce this cost so monies can be used by other programs, the Executive Committee is introducing electronic newsletter delivery. This optional service will begin with the newsletter for May/June 2006. The newsletter will be sent in PDF format to those who have signed up for this service. Each delivery will save the club $1.25 in printing and mailing costs per issue per membership. Those who choose this email delivery will typically receive their newsletter 4-7 days before those who receive their newsletters via regular mail.

Club membership applications and membership reminder postcards will be modified to include this option. If, after trying e-mail delivery, members don't like this method, they may revert back to regular mail delivery.

Over 90 LBC members have already signed up to receive the e-newsletter.

To sign up for this option please go to http://www.louisvillebicycleclub.org/forms/enewsletter.htm.

Sara Ferebee, your newsletter editor, plans to create a new full-color newsletter design that will only be available with the e-mail option (but that probably won't happen in time for the May/June newsletter. Just something to look forward to!).

Thanks for your cooperation.
LBC Executive Committee


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