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May-June 2006 Newsletter

Have You Ever Wondered What It Is Like to Be in a Bike Race?

by , VP Racing

Here is the report Sean Steele wrote after the Clark Forest race:

“Compared to the other races, this one took off like a bat out hell. With hardly any time to warm up properly, due in part to 2wheelsports not beginning registration until 10:20, I really wasn’t sure if I was going to even be able to hang on. Luckily, after the so-called climb, it eased up a bit and I was able to catch my breath. Then we take off like a bat out of hell again after maybe a minute’s rest and fly all the way till the narrow left-hander. This continues.”

“Every time we got to that narrow road, all I smelled was rubber. It was hairy getting through there in one piece, but managed to make my way near the front enough to keep myself out of trouble. Repeat. On Lap 4 or 5 maybe I finally heard someone go down behind me. I didn’t dare look back as I was afraid it might freak me out enough to not take any chances.”

“I tried to muster a break on lap 4 with Dave (Burry) and Matt (Staub), but the course was just too fast and I was just too tired to make anything happen. So we call it quits and let someone else move up to pull and I sat in the pack to try and regain composure enough for a sprint.”

“Lap 6 or 7: disaster strikes. Some moron runs me off the road right in the middle of the climb into the grass full of rocks. I thought for sure I was a goner. Luckily I stayed upright but had come to a full stop and the pack was getting away. I got back on the road, clipped in and put everything I had into it. Being a big ring only course, trying to start going on that hill in a 50x16 was murder. I heard Kerry (Herbine) screaming for me to get back to the pack. I sprinted like a mad man and got back on within a minute or so. Breathless, I waited. Drank some of my drink and rested, hoping I still had enough gas in me for a sprint. After a good rest, I started making my way to the front. I was in no hurry. I just kept telling myself to have patience and the opportunities will present themselves for me to move up.”

“Last lap I’m near the front a few guys back with Matt. The final right-hander and Clayton Omer starts cranking it up so got on his wheel and went with him. Clayton went too soon and ran out of gas. I swung left, Matt swung right, and it’s a mad dash for the finish. Matt’s still there with me and I honestly thought he had it. I thought for sure someone was going to swing around on me and take the win, but there was no one there. It’s over! My first win! What a rush. Thank you all so much for putting in so much hard work yesterday. Love you all.” Sean

Team Louisville did pretty well throughout the Spring Racing Series. We had a large number of our team race and they worked well together thanks to their dedicated training over the winter months. Sean Steele won the overall series for the Cat. 4/5 and several of the team finished in the top 10 of their races.

If you would like to try out racing, check out 2wheelsports.com for a list of upcoming events. There are a couple of great local races coming up. The Da Vinci Downtown Criterium (5/20), the Tour Da Vinci (5/21) and the LMPD Foundation 200th Anniversary Criterium, which is sponsored by Texas Road House and Papa John’s Pizza and will offer a Kids’ Race and a Celebrity Race along with the regular series of races. Both of the criterium races will be great for spectators, so bring a lawn chair and come out and cheer for your racing team!

And, like the unpredictable spring weather, there were ups and downs and a few disasters. The New Washington race had to be cancelled due to poor weather conditions and the Shawnee Crit was dropped from the series because of scheduling conflicts.

The other four races had decent weather and were very well attended. We had over 200 racers participate in our L’Esprit race. There were, of course, a few crashes, the worst of which involved the women’s field at L’Esprit. Several of the women suffered minor injuries and Team Louisville’s Linda Burry, as you may have heard, had some very serious internal injuries, including broken ribs and significant damage to one of her kidneys. On the positive side, Team Louisville had a very good showing throughout the series. Not only did we have a good number of our team race, several of them finished in the top ten of their races.


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