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July-August 2006 Newsletter

OKHT Update

by , 2006 OKHT Director

Itís that time of year again! The 29th Annual OKHT. Sept 9th & 10th.

It is my hope to make this yearís ride every bit as good as last yearís. To do that, I will need your help. It is time for volunteers. You came through for Kathy every year; I hope that you do the same for me. I was extremely lucky as the core team came back this year. It has made for a very easy transition. Kathy gave me all the details she could and answered every silly question I asked.

Two of the people who came back this year are Tracy Barnes and Marion VanIngen, our volunteer coordinating team. They want to hear from you, and as always, they will need a filled out registration form.

The team has really stepped up for me. Every time something fell through, they got the replacement. We are working on trying some different things both this year and next year, too. We already have a new and improved breakfast in place for Sunday. When you see Deb Sexton in Bardstown, thank her; without her it would not have happened.

Jamie Gordon will be back in Bardstown again this year, too. These gals are the ones who make your Saturday in Bardstown happen. You know it wouldnít be our OKHT without the cookie stop. This is another area where we have a team coming back from last year. Carl and Sandy Davis. Coming into the cookie stop last year was very enjoyable. They had some great signage going on. So, donít forget to make your cookies. We always have room for them, and there can never be too many.

One of the best things about this ride is seeing the same people each year; this is especially true of the volunteers. At many of the SAG stops, if you were to ask, you would find that the same leader has manned most of them for many years. The leaders coming back make it a very smooth day for our volunteers. They know what to do and how to do it. Volunteer to be on a SAG stop. You will have a fun day and can still ride part of the tour. The sag stops were one of the most enjoyable parts of the ride last year. Many of them had themes, and you really missed the boat if you missed our new SAG at Harmony Habitat last year. I have been told they are trying for better this year.

One of my goals as the director is to get all the SAGs to do themes. And next year Iíll have a theme for the ride that everything will revolve around. You can help Ė volunteer! Do it early to get the job you really want!

OKHT Web Site, Jersey and Registration

The 2006 Commemorative Jersey and on-line registration are available at the OKHT web site (www.okht.org).

This year, in addition to the club-fit short-sleeve jersey, we are offering a womenís specific sleeveless jersey ó after many requests by women in previous years. Be sure to get your order in early if you want a sleeveless jersey. My preliminary polling suggests they may go quickly.

Check out the OKHT web site (www.okht.org) for a large, full-color view of the jersey.


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