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July-August 2006 Newsletter

From the President
The Burdens of a Role Model


Although not as suspenseful as ď24,Ē many club members have been following my progress in accumulating mileage with much interest. I guess I should have expected that after last seasonís exposť that I had all of 100 miles for the entire season. (As I reported in a subsequent newsletter clarification, that mileage total was a typo: the actual total just exceeded 1000 miles.) But the story of my 100-mile season stuck. It became a useful metaphor for the reality of too-little riding and way too few LBC rides.

So Iím glad to report that as of this writing, our crack statisticians, Sandy and Carl Davis, report that I was at 207 miles and had done 10 rides. Better still, based on our growing membership numbers ó over 900 ó Iím among the clubís top riders: Only 159 members have more miles.

Admittedly, I may not be in the same league as Steve Sarson, the current leader with 3,400+ miles. But there are five more months in the season.

This rationalization put me in great spirits. When the weather cleared, I did the 2 pm Sunday ride. Nice cool weather, great ride. It was during a conversation in the aprŤs-ride socializing that I got another perspective on why some LBC members monitor my progress.

The member in question was in the top 150 riders (and a former yellow jersey winner). Her husband joked that sheíd have to step up her riding to make sure that she didnít wind up with fewer miles than yours truly.

We had a good laugh. But the truth canít be ignored: Iíve become a sort of anti-role model, what not to be.

We have awards and jerseys for most miles, most improved, best racers. I think we need a few anti-awards. Iíll be the awards committee. Nominate yourself or another worthy club member. Non-extraordinary riders unite!

This could catch on.


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