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OKHT Jersey Design Contest

by OKHT Committee

In 2007 the Old Kentucky Home Bicycle Tour will celebrate its 30th anniversary. As part of the celebration the OKHT Committee announces a contest to design a 30th birthday commemorative jersey and OKHT printed material.

Entrants will submit a jersey design to be judged by the OKHT Committee. The winning jersey designer must agree to incorporate the design into the OKHT brochure, T-shirt, poster and other printed materials to create an overall event image. The deadline for submitting entries is December 15, 2006. The winning design will be announced at the Louisville Bicycle Club’s awards banquet on January 27, 2007, posted on www.OKHT.org and in the club newsletter. The contest is open to LBC members and non-members.

The winning design must be producible for the budgeted amount and will be sent to the manufacturer for cost and manufacturability analyses. The Committee and the contest winner will work with the manufacturer to finalize the jersey design.

Design entries must be received no later than December 15, 2006, and should be submitted electronically to . Entries will be assigned a number and forwarded to the Committee. The names of designers will be disclosed to the Committee only after the winning design has been selected.

Contest Rules

  1. Designs must be submitted on the jersey template available at www.OKHT.org. Entries must show front and back. Additional or more detailed views are not required but may also be included. Once the winning design is chosen, the designer will rework the design to accommodate the manufacturer’s pieced template. More info on that will be provided to the winning designer.
  2. The theme for the 2007 OKHT is “Come Back to Your Old Kentucky Home.”
  3. The jersey must have raglan sleeves and three rear pockets. The design will also need to accommodate a sleeveless option (i.e.don’t put sponsor logos on the sleeves.
  4. The letters “LBC,” the words “Louisville Bicycle Club” and the Club logo must be prominently visible on the jersey. The club logo can be found on the Louisville Bicycle Club logo page or you may simply indicate where the logo would be located on the jersey.
  5. The names and logos of the principal sponsors of the tour must appear on the jersey. Sponsor logos will be provided at a later date, so for purposes of the contest, designers should use Sponsors A,B,C, and D to indicate logo placement on the jersey. Entries must be in color and print or production ready. No limit on number of colors.
  6. Decisions of the Committee are final, including selection of the winning design and the right to reject any or all designs.
  7. The winning design becomes the property of the Louisville Wheelmen, Inc., dba the Louisville Bicycle Club.

The winning designer will receive two (2) jerseys, a year’s membership in the Louisville Bicycle Club and an honorarium of $100.


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