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November-December 2006 Newsletter

OKHT Recap

by , OKHT Director

What a year! Thatís right, my rookie year is over! I made mistakes; I forgot a couple of things, but overall ... It was great!

We had a wonderful OKHT this year. There were over 1200 riders in attendance, which makes this yearís OKHT number 2 in attendance. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible.

I know that I am blessed. The OKHT Team was the best; there was not one question or request that I made that they didnít answer. Our volunteers, as usual, stepped up and did their jobs, and some of them even got to ride. Our sponsors! Without them, not only would this ride cost more, but there would be fewer things to do in Bardstown. You can never tell them thank you enough.

One of the things I found out this year: I am nothing more than the hub of the wheel, and the spokes do all the work that holds me together. I know, it sounds corny, but join the Team and find out that it is true.

Yes, join the Team. I have spaces available for Team members for the 30th annual OKHT ride. I need detail-oriented people to help out for next yearís ride. I have an opening for the Bardstown coordinator job, and at least one more position. The Bardstown job can be handled by a team of two people, so if you and a friend are interested, let me know. With the Bardtown position, you can ride on Sunday. You get the best of both worlds. Want to be a member of the Team, and donít want to do Bardstown? This is not a problem either. Contact me; I have places for you.

The Team is ready for next year. We are getting ready to start planning the fun. We have high hopes for our 30th annual ride. Some of the thoughts for next year are to have more entertainment and an overall theme Ė not only for the ride, but also for the sags. We are hoping to have a jersey contest and a contest for the sags too. Watch this newsletter and the OKHT Web site. I will be doing my best to keep you updated at both places.

Your suggestions are appreciated, but a better way to get your suggestions implemented would be to volunteer. Join us and see just what it takes to get your ride off the ground. Donít be shy, if you never volunteered before ... Do it! If you have volunteered in the past, try a more challenging volunteer job. If you donít ride, but know someone who does, volunteer at a sag where you get to see your friend and meet some of theirs. Donít forget, just because you volunteer doesnít mean you miss out on the ride.

If you are not volunteering, you are letting other people make the decisions for your ride. Join us, we have fun, and we make new friends. We make the decisions.


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