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January-February 2007 Newsletter

Candidates for LBC Offices in 2007

President - Earl Jones

When I first ran for LBC president for 1998, I said I would focus on a comprehensive review of the club’s strategy, increasing the coordination of the Club’s programs and activities, including the Old Kentucky Home Tour and growing membership and revenues.

I believe we’ve made significant progress in each of those goals. Every LBC programs — Touring, Advocacy, Education, Racing and Communications — is in very good shape. Membership is almost 1,000 and revenues have more than doubled.

I think, working together, we can do even better in 2007 as we strengthen our partnership with Metro Louisville. I hope you’ll agree and support my re-election.

Treasurer - Jim Tretter

In our upcoming January election I’ll once again ask you to elect me as treasurer of the Louisville Bicycle Club. I joined this club in 1983 and am one of its ten most senior members. I’ve earned most of the awards the club offers, some multiple times: yellow jersey, blue jersey, red jersey, gold jersey, silver jersey, Mad Dog jersey, club volunteer of the year, and others. The club has been one of my primary pastimes and has awarded me with numerous friendships and acquaintances, memorable tours and experiences, and a healthful lifestyle. The Club has given me much over the years as I’m sure it has for many of you and I feel obligated to giving back. The wide variety of activities the Club offers is only available because of the willingness of the many volunteers it takes to make it work. Ten thousand man-hours are needed each year to plan and execute our many programs; unfortunately we always seem to be searching for willing, qualified candidates to fill the lead roles. Please consider undertaking a responsible role as an officer, director or member of a committee. I invite you to discuss your interests with me or any of the Executive Committee so that through your leadership we can ensure the LBC continues to remain one of the best bicycle clubs in the country.

VP of Touring - Chad Green

I have been the VP of Touring for the past year and have enjoyed every minute of it. I am once again requesting that the LBC membership elect me for this important position. If reelected, I will continue to work on producing a robust touring schedule that includes rides for everyone from the person just getting into cycling to the Mad Dog who wishes to ride centuries as much as possible.

Secretary - Barbara Tretter

I have been a member of the club since 1985. I have been a part of OKHT every year thereafter and have volunteered for all the different programs in the club. I have served as secretary since 2002. In that time, the club membership has grown and the club dues have increased. I will be happy to run for Secretary of the LBC again.

VP of Communications - David "Packman" Ryan

Most people in the club who know me, particularly those I have not had the pleasure to ride with, know me by one name: Packman. In real life my name is David Ryan. I have 8129 club miles from 1993-1998. I last rode with the club at the Old Kentucky Home Tour in 1998 where I also played the devil on Pottershop Road hill. Shortly afterward I was struck by a truck while cycling and disabled. I have since remained in contact with the club mainly via its Kycyclist mail list.

Now it seems I am to be nominated as the club’s printer’s devil and be responsible for the newsletter, as well as preaching to some who may not be the choir. My writing to the mail list has caused some to believe I am qualified for this job. You can check the Kycyclist archives and decide for yourselves. It will at least show that I still have a passion for cycling and cyclists. And I would be honored for the opportunity to communicate that.

VP of Racing - Mark Luking

Over the past year Team Louisville has continues to fulfill its unique mission of providing the club members with the opportunity to learn about and participate in the sport of bicycle racing. Team members have competed in road races, criteriums, time trials, mountain bike and cyclocross races, winning some and placing well in many of these events. We have hosted the L’Esprit Road Race, which is one of the Spring Training races, a 40k Time Trial as part of the Mad Dog Tour, and the Iroquois Cyclocross race, one of the Ohio Valley Cyclocross Series. I have enjoyed working with our team members and look forward to continuing to build on our successes by serving another term as the VP of racing.

VP of Education - Steve Sarson

Steve Sarson’s statement was not available at press time.


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