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January-February 2007 Newsletter

30th Annual OKHT

by , OKHT Director

Chris Cakes is back!

We heard the feedback, you miss the show, and we have confirmed Chris Cakes for the 2007 OKHT. So be careful on that Sunday morning, or you may be the victim of flying pancakes.

Happy New Year

Itís 2007 and time to start gearing up for the 30th OKHT. I have found itís never too early to start getting ready; it is also never too early to help and be a volunteer. Next time you see Carl or Sandy Davis, give them a big thank-you. They have stepped up and are taking on a larger role in this yearís ride. Sandy will now be our Volunteer Coordinator, and where Sandy helps, Carl helps. I have every confidence that you will make the job easier for them by volunteering early. There is no need to wait for the registration form to volunteer, the earlier you sign up the more choices you will have.

I still have opportunities to volunteer and be on the OKHT Team. I need your help or this yearís ride will not be as special as it could be. Remember, Team positions help shape the ride; they make the decisions on how the ride goes and what the ride includes. If you have ideas of how to improve the ride, this is the way to get them heard. Help me, Join the Team.

One of my goals this year is to have themes at all the SAGs. It would be great if you get a few people together and sign up for a SAG. You can decorate the SAG and make it fun for the riders and yourself also. Ask the Sarsons, they are already planning the Harmony Habitat SAG for the ride. If we get all the SAGs decorated we will have a contest to see who gets voted best SAG. As I said in the previous newsletter, volunteering for a Team position or a SAG does not mean you donít get to ride.

Who is coming back for the 30th ride?

We already have entertainment and SAGs confirmed. Bag Balm is coming back, with John Gonzalez as the entertainment. Molly and the Dulcimers will be at the cookie stop with our new SAG leader: Leslie Neidig has already volunteered to take over the cookie stop for the Davises. I have the steel drums back this year; look for them at the lunch stop. The Boy Scouts will be serving us lunch again. Join the Team and you can help decide what the Boy Scouts will serve, and the rest of the entertainment for this yearís ride.

Itís easy to join in the fun, go to the OKHT Web site and click on the info link. I can give you all the details as to where I need help and what you can do for your bicycle club.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions and ideas. Itís not a Club event if only a few make all the decisions.

Letís make this the best and biggest ride to date.


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