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March-April 2007 Newsletter

New Ride Captain Certification Program

by , VP Touring

Starting with the 2007 Touring Season, we will introduce a new ride captain certification program. With the introduction of this new program, we will implement three levels of ride captains:

Ride Captain

The Ride Captain title will remain much as it does now. In order to obtain this title one must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a current member of the Louisville Bicycle Club
  • Participate in at least 5 LBC rides where you haven’t been the ride captain
  • Read and become acquainted with the Ride Captain Guidelines
  • Ride captain at least 1 ride

Certified Ride Captain

The Certified Ride Captain takes the ride captain title a bit further. These club members will be the backbone of the ride schedule. To earn this title, one must complete the following requirements:

  • Complete the requirements of a Ride Captain
  • Additionally, ride captain at least 10 rides in one year
  • Attend Ride Captain training
  • Complete the LAB Road 1 Course

Certified Master Ride Captain

Those who succeed in earning this title would be the cream of the crop and would make up the backbone of the Touring program. To earn this prestigious title, one must complete the following requirements:

  • Have been a Certified Ride Captain for 3 years
  • Have been a “Top Ride Captain” for the past 3 years
  • Successfully complete the LAB LCI course


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