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March-April 2007 Newsletter

Training in January and February Can Be Tough

by , VP Racing

With the unpredictable, cold weather and limited amount of winter daylight, it is a challenge for any cyclist to maintain fitness. However, for the LBC racing team, this is the time of year when we begin seriously to prepare for the upcoming racing season. The Spring Training Series kicks off on the 3rd of March with our own club’s L’Esprit Road Race and we not only have to build fitness, we must also assimilate the many new members that have joined the team. Here are some of the things that Team Louisville has been doing to prepare.

Starting on Saturdays in January we began what have become known as the “PB&J rides.” This is a ride that was started last year by Joe Collins, Phil Patterson and a few others on the team. The group meets at 9:00 am at Charlie Vettiner Park and from there they wind their way over to a loop that includes four or five of the longest climbs in the Jefferson Forest before heading back to J-town. This usually ends up being about an 80-mile ride. About half way everyone stops for a short food break, hence the name PB&J ride, (Joe’s favorite power lunch). This year there have been a couple options regularly added. David Berman, Perry Finley and Bob Zeman have started their ride from the Highlands. From there they ride out to Iroquois Park where they pick up a few more riders before heading out to the forest and meeting up with the rest of the group. These are great endurance workouts and provide some good base miles for the upcoming season.

On Sundays at noon, we have been meeting for two hours at a wonderful new fitness facility, Time Out Fitness, located in the Eastpointe Business Park just east of Anchorage. Co-owner Mary Glover, a certified fitness trainer, has not only graciously arranged to make this 3000-square-foot fitness facility available to members of Team Louisville, but she has also worked with us to make sure we understand how to use the equipment and get the most from our workout sessions. Time Out Fitness has a full range of state-of-the-art Cybex strength training equipment as well as treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes. This has allowed team members to work on building core strength and conditioning and, almost as importantly, provided a place to meet and work out regardless of weather. If you are near the Eastpointe Business Park and looking for a nice place to workout, give Mary Glover a call.

Finally, on each of the five Wednesday evenings in January, we held Roller Races at Luking Cycling Center/Greenhouses. What are roller races? Basically this is a competition between two or more riders, each on a set of rollers that uses a cable to drive the hands on a large clock. The clock, instead of being marked off in hours and minutes, represents a distance of 500 meters marked in 100-meter increments. The goal is to beat your opponent’s hand around the clock by pedaling faster. Racers are limited to one gear combination that allows the bike to roll up to 25' 3" with one full revolution of the crank (53x15 for most road bikes). The races are short and very intense, usually lasting less than a minute for two laps or 1000 meters. Riders reach virtual speeds of nearly 50 mph and a cadence of 180 rpm. Curtis Tolson holds the local record for this type of racing, approaching 60 mph and a cadence of almost 200 rpm!

These races provide an enjoyable break from the usual drudgery of indoor training. This season we had an average of 16 riders per evening, spectators cheering them on.

Many had never ridden on rollers before and were surprised how quickly they picked it up. Others had been riding rollers for a while. And a few, like Phil Patterson, are now comfortable enough to ride with no hands and with only one foot clipped in while they warm up!

There were many heated competitions throughout the month, especially in the last championship races. Some very fast times were regularly posted by veterans Sean Steele, Phil Paterson, Walter Lay, Joe Collins and by newcomers like Clayton Omer, Chris Muller and Jonathan Kindig.

We had a lot of fun this season, and I plan to offer it again next year. It is free and open to any and all that would like to give it a try. So dust off those rollers and start practicing!


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