Louisville Bicycle Club
May-June 2007 Newsletter

Important Membership & Renewal Notes


I am working on getting a database together for everyone who has an e-mail address. When you renew, please include your e-mail with your renewal form or on your postcard that you return. If you sign up on-line via Active.com, I will automatically get the address.

When you sign up as new member or as a renewal, please let me know if you would like to receive your newsletter electronically. There is a place for this notation on the membership form that is downloaded from the Web site, but there is not a spot on the tri-fold new member form or on the Active.com form. We are working to correct that.

For new members,

  1. Whatever first and last name you have on your form is the name that I put in the database. (In most cases, but there have been some exceptions!) This is the name that the statistician uses to record your club miles. So if you sign up as John Scott Doe, your name is in the system as John Doe. If you sign your ride sheets as Scott Doe, either some other Scott Doe will receive your mileage or they wonít have a name to connect the dots to.
  2. When you give us permission to use your phone number in the club directory, I use the number you put on the application. When you sign up through Active.com, there is a place for day and evening numbers. I always record the evening number; so if you only want calls at one certain number, put that number in both spots.

This may sound overly simple, but it might reduce some of the phone calls about corrections. Also, if you have any questions about your membership, my name and number are in this newsletter under club officers. Please give me a call and Iíll do my best to correct the problem.


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