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May-June 2007 Newsletter

PaCkMaN's Corner

by , VP Communications

My first three months as Communications VP have been active and eventful. After the initial baptism under fire getting out my first newsletter, the major year-end issue, most things have settled down but other things have popped up at regular intervals. And I would like to remind members that although club officers are regular contributors, anyone may submit original cycling-related articles for inclusion in your newsletter.

Travel being a serious chore for me, I have attended two of three Executive Committee meetings by phone conference. I have been happy with the inclusiveness I've found with long-time club officers (affectionately known as “the Clique”) and that any ideas I bring are given a fair and logical hearing, no matter how far out. The meeting in March I attended personally due to a special matter I wanted to bring to the general membership meeting as well as the E.C. immediately afterward.

That special matter was the issue of whether or not to trade away cycling access to the proposed downtown bridge, if one is ever built, and the prospective cost thereof, for $10,000,000 of currently available bridge funds to jumpstart the Big Four bike/pedway, a proposal made by the city to state and federal officials and supported by a majority (actually 7-1) of the LBC Executive Committee. I argued why not just ask for the funds outright or cut something else since the “savings” were only imaginary if the downtown bridge were never built or miniscule, imponderable and distant if it were built 15 or 20 years from now? It was realpolitik versus the ideal of preserving the most cycling access possible and cycling relegated to being seen as merely recreation versus the idea of cycling as a serious transportation alternative to be included as a significant part of all future transportation plans, a half-hour debate that remained inconclusive for lack of a general membership quorum.

I have found some support for my view among members, if not the E.C., and I intend to bring the matter again before the next general membership meeting in May. I hope there is a solid turnout to settle the matter either way.


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