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May-June 2007 Newsletter

2007 Spring Training Series

by Craig Dooley & , VP Racing

My greenhouse business keeps me very busy at this time of year, so Craig Dooley helped me out with this report on the Spring Training Series. — Mark Luking

I saw my first Spring Training Series in about 1985, and I have to say, this season’s races may be some of the best in this event’s 27-year history. A large amount of the credit for this upswing in the STS has to go to Mike Hewitt, the owner of 2wheelsports. Mike serves as the overall director of the Spring Series, doing everything from setting up the first organizational meetings to providing 2wheelsport’s signature inflatable red arch at the finish line. He worked to line up this year’s series sponsors: Apex Physical Therapy and Kentuckiana HealthFitness and he designed and maintains the series’ Web site (www.kyanaseries.com). I know that Darrell Edwards, who was responsible for organizing Team Louisville’s L’Esprit Road Race again this year, has been grateful for Mike’s help with everything from registration to sorting out and posting the final results. We couldn ’t do it without you, Mike!

As you know, Team Louisville is a “developmental” team with one of our main missions being to provide a team for cyclists who would like to get started in the sport of bicycle racing. Every year we start off with a crop of new racers, and this year’s group, with many new members like Blaine Heppner, Mike Kennedy, Joe Klarer, Brian Rhodes, Logan McCulloch and others, is already showing great promise. Team Louisville had been training hard in the months leading up to the first race at L’Esprit and, thanks to the help of team veterans like Steve Gaylor, Dan Loescher, David Berman, Kevin Williams, and especially “General” Joe Collins, they had a plan and they were ready to race.

However, no one really counted on a snowstorm with 30-degree temperatures and winds of 15-30 mph! That is, except for team member Sean Kettring, who brought a 10x20 pop-up tent for the team to warm up in. So, while the other 120 racers were out in the cold, TL set up their trainers and discussed strategies for the day’s race in a warm and cozy tent.

While our team had a few racers in the category 3-4 race and even one member, Scott McClarty, in the 1-2-3 race, we had 10 racers in the category 4-5 race. With this relatively large number of racers, we able to assign certain members for attacking, while others were to save their energy for the final sprint.

Everything went pretty well, except for two things. One racer was able to slip away because he was thought to be racing in a different category, and a racer crashed just at the finish line, taking one of our teammates, Chris Kiefer, down as well. Check out the classic photo finish. It shows Joe Klarer sprinting for second place with Blaine in his draft for third place. You can also see the look on Chris’s face as he realizes the cyclist in front of him is going down.

At the time this article was written we were four races into the seven-race series. Besides L’Esprit we have raced at Henryville, Ind, the Clark Forest and a beautiful but hilly course in Columbia, Ky. With three races to go, there are currently three members of Team Louisville in the top ten for the overall points for the series. I hope that you got the chance to come out and see some of the races, especially the ones put on by the Louisville Firefighters in Iroquois Park or the Criterium in downtown Louisville during Navy Week.

If you would like to find out more about the 2007 Spring Training Series, including individual race results as well as the overall series standing, you can do so by going to the Series Web site. And you can go to dooleymann.photoreflect.com for more great photos of all the races. Also, be sure and check out the Team Louisville Web site, www.teamlouisvilleracing.com. You can now get to know LBC’s racing team a little better by viewing individual photos and some background information about each of our many members.


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