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July-August 2007 Newsletter

30th Annual Old Kentucky Home Tour
Come Back to Your Old Kentucky Home Tour


Be there, donít miss out.

How many times can I tell you, this will be one of the best years ever! Donít let your friends and families tell you what you missed, get out and join them.

The time is now, we are ready, are you? We want you to ride the ride; we also want your help. The OKHT Team has been working all year to make the 30th annual ride the best ever. If you have not been to the Web site www.okht.org, you must go there. The 2007 jersey is on the first page. This is a jersey you will want to add to your collection. One of the best jerseys that we have ever had.

We need your help to make this ride the best ever also. VOLUNTEER.... We cannot ask too many times, there are also plenty of spaces open for volunteers. You can easily get your volunteer hours in and still ride one or both days. All the areas that need volunteers are listed on the Web site under the Volunteers page.

The OKHT Web site has all the information you will need to learn about our ride. We have directions to the ride start, information on hotels you can stay at. We even have pictures from previous yearsí rides.

As I told you a few issues back, we have Chris Cakes back doing breakfast on Sunday morning. The riders asked for him back, and we got him. Alas, using Chris Cakes means we need more volunteers. Volunteer early and you can get this job and still ride both days.

We also have a BBQ dinner for Saturday night. You can purchase your dinner at the same time you register or bring cash on Saturday evening and buy your dinner just before you eat. There will be a limited number of dinners available for purchase on Saturday evening; your best bet is to sign up for dinner when you register for the ride.

Sign up for the ride. We have different options for you to sign up for the ride. Our active.com registration is up and running, this is the only way you can pay for your ride with a credit card. You can also order your dinner and jersey through active.com The registration brochure has already been mailed out to all previous riders. If this is your first year riding, contact and we will get you a registration form. Register before August 18th and save $10.00.

This is Your Bike Club ride, donít miss out. All your friends will be riding ó why should you stay home alone?

Join us, have fun, make new friends. Be there Ö. I will.


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