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July-August 2007 Newsletter

Lexington Racing Action

by , LBC VP Racing

It will already be July when you are reading this article and the cold, windy and often wet weather of spring will be a distant memory. But, when I think back on the many accomplishments of the members of Team Louisville this past spring, my favorite memories are of the events of the third weekend in April.

First, there was the Lexington Circuit Race, which was held on Saturday, April 21st. It was the climax of the very successful 2007 Spring Training Series which saw a total of 380 individual riders from nine states and two foreign countries competing in the seven events. Included in the number of participants were 27 women, 23 juniors and 48 first-time racers who purchased one-day licenses.

This race was particularly important because the top finishers would receive double points, which, when combined with the points earned in the previous races, would determine the overall series winners in each of the various categories. At stake was a share of the $1,000 in prize money. You can get a glimpse of how one of the day’s races went from this excerpt of Dan Loescher’s account of the Cat 3/4 race:

“There was a large field of at least 40, with Team Bolla having at least 10. Our plan was to let Bolla do their race tactics and try to get Mike Kennedy in a breakaway in the last half of the race, saving Joe Klarer if it came down to a sprint finish. The first half of the race Team Bolla was attacking, mostly with their journeymen, and the Lexington boys reeling them in. I felt we were in a very good position at the halfway point of the race. At one point during the second half Sean Steele and Matt Lerner (Team Bolla) got into a break. Now that was serious! No other team seemed able to shut it down. I was about mid-pack and I could not find Mike Kennedy so I started screaming, "Mike where are you?" I finally hear "I am right here." I informed him that was a serious break and sent him up the road. He did an excellent job shutting the break down and bringing the field just close enough for Sean and Matt to realize their break was not going to work so they abandoned their efforts.

The last three laps saw the speeds increase but the field pretty much stayed together with Joe staying in the top 10, a perfect position. On the last lap I moved up, keeping an eye on Lerner and Steele. Half way up the hill, before the last turn, Matt Lerner attacked hard. I decided to grab his wheel and go along for the ride. I tried to look back under my arm at one point and it looked like we had a small gap, although I am not sure that was the case. We are one-two going through the left corner. Halfway from the corner to the finish line we are still 1-2 but Matt started to fade. I have no choice but to drill it and hope for the best and hoping Joe is close behind. About 30 meters from the finish I am still number one and begin to have visions of a win dancing in my head. Turns out I was hallucinating. (I glanced at my HRM as I crossed the finish line and saw the highest number I have seen in years.) Ended up taking fifth with Joe taking fourth, Mike 10th. Still pretty good results, I think.”

The Cat 4/5 race had a field of 60 racers. Joe Klarer, who was in contention for first place overall, with teammates Mike Kennedy, Charles Garner, Brian Rhodes, Blaine Heppner and Scott Kuiper represented Team Louisville in this race. Blaine led the final attack, sprinting up the hill before the finish at 28 mph and stringing out the rest of the field. When the dust settled, Joe had won the race, as well as the overall prize for Cat 4/5. Close on his wheel was Charles Garner who took 4th and Mike Kennedy who was 8th across the line.

On Sunday, team members Joe Collins and Blaine Heppner traveled to Harbin Park in Ohio for a round of Mountain Bike racing in the Psycho Series. There were about 60 other racers competing in the event. I wish there were room to include Blaine’s account of the race, including Joe’s exciting finish. Blaine won Sport Overall as well as Sport 35+ Class. Not bad for a guy who is just getting started in the sport! Joe took 2nd overall and 2nd in his class. With the return of Don Parr, who had shoulder surgery last winter, and a few others on our team we should have a pretty good Mountain Biking squad.

Dan Loescher, who hadn’t had enough racing on Saturday, traveled to Columbus, Ind., the Ceraland Race. He finished 4th in the 3/4 masters category.

Meanwhile on Sunday, about 13 members of our team who weren’t racing met at Prospect Point for a training ride that took us out to LaGrange, Ky. Our mission was to meet with the Chief of Fire and Rescue Department, Colonel Jim Sitzler, and present him with a contribution of $150 from our L’Esprit Road Race as well as $220 in donations from team members for the Crusade for Children. Team Louisville is pleased to support this worthy cause and the community of LaGrange and we look forward to working with them at future L’Esprit Races.

Now that is what I call a great weekend!

So what is ahead for July and August? July and August are the best times for members of LBC who are interested in bicycle racing to consider joining Team Louisville. We are always looking for talented cyclists who would like to give competitive cycling a try. This is also the time of year that we look for sponsors for our team. Like everything else, the cost of running our program, from uniforms to entry fees to putting on races, continues to rise. Currently, our team members pay much of these expenses out of the own pockets. So if you or your company would be interested in helping to support Louisville’s oldest and largest bicycle racing team, now is the time to contact us. Wouldn’t it be exciting to see racers with your logo on their jerseys sprinting for the finish line!

Though there are still some great races left in the season, many of us are looking forward to what promises to be one of the best cyclocross seasons yet. Not only are more people of all ages getting involved in this sport but the Ohio Valley Cyclocross series, which begins in mid-September and runs through December 9, will be better than ever and will include a US Grand Prix Cyclocross race in October right here in Louisville. This is a national caliber event!

If you would like to join in the fun, you can learn the basics of cyclocross at one of the clinics Marcus Moran and others are conducting in the coming months or come out to the River Road Country Club and join in one of the Wednesday evening practice sessions.


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