Louisville Bicycle Club
September-October 2007 Newsletter

Bridge to Bicycle-Friendly Louisville

by Jerry Abramson, Louisville Metro Mayor

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson spoke on certain points:

  1. Biking makes everything about our city more personal. Cyclists get a chance to absorb the neighborhoods, the parks, and the occasional pothole in a way drivers never could. Its a great way to get to know your hometown.
  2. As biking grows more and more popular in our city, its important that both drivers and cyclists learn to share the road.
  3. We were able to work with the state to fast-track these sharrows on the Second Street Bridge.
  4. Were doing the right things to make Louisville a bike-friendly city. By the end of this year, we will complete work on the Levee Trail the path along the river from the Farnsley-Moremen Landing to Chickasaw Park. Its a $2.5-million project, and will run 25 miles one-quarter of our planned hundred-mile loop in the City of Parks.
  5. Weve also spent more than a million dollars on street improvements around Grinstead Drive and Lexington Road, and added bike lanes around Cannons Lane, Dutchmans Lane and Taylorsville Road.
  6. In two years, weve more than doubled the bike lanes in the city, and we plan to add more.
  7. We appreciate the input from you, our avid bicyclists in our city. Were glad that Louisville is a rising star in bike-friendly towns.


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