Louisville Bicycle Club
September-October 2007 Newsletter

LBC Membership Exceeds 1000

by Barbara & Jim Tretter, Secretary & Treasurer

Since LBC memberships expire on their individual anniversary dates, the "actual" number of LBC members fluctuates constantly as memberships expire, are renewed and new members join. But in July we officially exceeded 1,000 paid up members for the first time. In the January 2007 publication of the "Cue Sheet" the League of American Bicyclists reported from a recent survey of affiliated clubs across the country that only 10 clubs had memberships exceeding 1,000 and we were not one of those at that time.

A study of the LBC archives shows how membership has changed over the years. Interestingly, from 1992 through 2002 membership was relatively constant at about 650-675. Traditionally, about 25-33% of our members fail to renew their memberships each year, most of these having been members for only one year. Yet, we've seen steady net growth since 2002 averaging nearly 10% per year.

So, what's the cause of the growth? One can only speculate but my guess would be the improvements in our programs in Touring, Racing, Bike Education, Advocacy and our Old Kentucky Home Tour. Each of these programs has seen significant expansion in the past five years attracting greater participation. Unfortunately, expanded programs require more management and finding capable leadership willing to serve has always been the Club's biggest challenge.


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