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January-February 2008 Newsletter

ďAll In FavorĒ Vote!

by Ron & Vicky Dobbs

Itís that time of year when the Louisville Bicycle Club will begin a new year with newly elected or re-elect officers to represent our great cycling club. We have the honor of serving as chairs for the Nominating Committee with the following brave souls to assist in this endeavor: Steve Montgomery, Chris White and Dan Loescher.

At the awards banquet in January, you will be voting for the LBC Executive Committee consisting of the President, VP Advocacy, VP Communications, VP Education, VP Racing, VP Touring, Treasurer and Secretary.

The Nominating Committee extends an invitation to anyone who is a member in good standing, who wishes to work diligently, who wants to bring new ideas to the club and who will give of his/her time to represent the membership of the LBC. If this description appeals to you, please contact any one of the Nominating Committee.

Candidate Statement of Earl Jones for re-election to President

LBC has made tremendous progress over the last several years. Every program is strong and the club, in partnership with Louisville Metro, is making Louisville a Bicyclist's Bicycle-friendly Community. Our education and advocacy programs are the clearest example of this partnership. And our touring program benefits the community and offers one of the strongest schedules in the country. I think Iíve played a positive role in achieving these results and hope that you will support me so I can continue the progress in 2008.

Candidate Statement of PaCkMaN for re-election to VP Communications

It has been my privilege to serve for the past year as your VP Communications, to edit your newsletter, oversee web communications and represent various members' interests as a voting officer of the Louisville Bicycle Club. I hope that you will endorse the job I have done in those capacities by re-electing me to serve you likewise for another year. I promise to continue building onto the sturdy edifices left to me by past VP Communications Sara Ferebee and webmaster Duc Do as we put forward the pleasures and benefits of cycling to the Louisville and worldwide internet communities. I'm PaCkMaN and I approved this message, despite initial misgivings.

Candidate Statement of Mark Luking for re-election to VP Racing

2007 has been a very exciting year for our clubís Team Louisville racing team. Our squad has grown to include nearly 60 LBC members. We span all ages and our members have raced in nearly every type of competitive cycling discipline at the local, regional, and national level. Many have done quite well. TL members have also participated in, and supported both the community cycling events, such as the Mayorís Bike and Hike and the Bridge Memorial ride, as well as club events like the OKHT. Team Louisville played a key role in the success of the national level USGP cyclo-cross race held here in late October.

We are currently planning for an even better 2008 racing season, beginning with the introduction of a brand new Team Louisville website that will include a number of great features for both the general public as well as our team. We are increasing the level of organized team training, and are introducing new procedures for joining the team, as well as a new set of standards by which we will evaluate all of our members. We are actively seeking new team sponsors and are perusing new racing events for the upcoming season.

None of this could happen without the hard work, dedication and commitment of all of our members, and I would be pleased to play a part in these exciting plans by serving as the VP of racing for our club again in 2008.

Candidate Statement of Kevin Jones for election to VP of Touring

I have been a member of the club for several years and have become very active in the club in the last 3 years. I have found those last 3 years of cycling extremely rewarding, building friendships in the club and putting in over 8000 club miles. However, no club works without its volunteers and I would like this opportunity to give my time back to the LBC.

The Louisville Bicycle Club has one of the most active bicycle club touring programs in the nation. I am committed to making sure that our touring program keeps that status. I will bring to the office extensive experience in the governance of other clubs, including serving our own local Viking Canoe Club in the offices of secretary and president. However, one person alone should not dictate the activities of our touring program. As VP of touring I will be visible and accessible. I need and expect input from the members of the Touring Committee and the individual ride captains to keep our touring program great.

If elected to the office of Vice President Touring I look forward to serving the club membership and the continued improvement of the LBC touring program.


Also standing for re-election are Steven Sarson for VP Education, Jim Tretter for Treasurer and Barbara Tretter for Secretary.

Ed Tonini resigned as VP Advocacy effective December 11, 2007 to accept an appointment as Kentucky's Adjutant General as well as promotion to Major General in the Kentucky National Guard. We wish him well in these important new jobs. And General Tonini has promised to continue being an advocate for cycling in state government at every opportunity.


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