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January-February 2008 Newsletter

30th Annual OKHT Was a Rousing (but Wet) Success

by , Director 2008 OKHT

The last thing that I said to the OKHT TEAM on Sunday September 9th: ďI am not thinking about this ride until JanuaryĒ. True to my word, I did not give this ride much thought. But alas, January is upon us and I am thinking about OKHT.

We had a wonderful ride this year. Yes, it rained, people got wet, but through it all I saw smiles. Lots and lots of smiles.

From my vantage point, it looked as though everything ran smoothly. When the rain came we were ready with tarps and extra tents. Oates Flags supplied all our tents and they did not let us down when I called at 4 pm on Saturday asking for more tents for Sunday.

The sag stops keep getting better with each passing year. We have some wonderful people that take over the sag stops and decorate them or give them themes. The sags become more entertaining each year and it brings out more people to our ride. It also seems to bring out the best in the Sag Leaders as they try to outdo each other.

All the Century riders got a treat this year. The KMRO motorcycle club has taken over Lincoln Homestead both this year and they are coming back in 2008. Century riders were treated to Ice Cream this year, and I hear that there will be more surprises next year.

Lunch was really well run again this year. The Boy Scouts bend over backwards for the riders and do a wonderful job getting everyone fed quickly. We are open to suggestions for lunch, well not open to suggestions, but if there is a type of sandwich that you would like we can look into seeing if it will work.

Bardstown was a challenge this year. The Vogtís took over the Bardstown duties and did a wonderful job. They went in blind and did everything by the seat of their pants. As usual, if it werenít for Howie I donít know how Bardstown would ever have been accomplished. Bardstown is getting better with each passing year. The vendors enjoy themselves and give the riders some really good deals.

Flaget Hospital, Margaret Preble, Ice Cream, food and music, Oh wait, I forgot the Bourbon. All of these make for a wonderful afternoon and evening in Bardstown. I hope you didnít miss the Carriage rides, they are always a fun way to see the town.

We had Chris Cakes back again this year, Sunday morning catching pancakes. It is an interesting sight watching people catch the pancakes, especially those that tried the Bourbon the evening before. This year Steve and I were doing sprint pancakes. Sprint Pancakes are where you grab your plate and start running, Steve tosses the pancake and you catch it on the run. All I can sayÖ it is a good thing pancakes donít cost a lot.

Sunday Sag One, Habitat for Humanity. They are wonderful there, and the MASH theme was great. The best thing that ever happened to the OKHT was when Kathy Schmidt found this sag.

You really missed out if you didnít stop at the cookie stop this year. Everything was under a tarp, no one got wet and the cookies were dry also, well as dry as they are supposed to be. We had a new sag leader at the cookie stop this year and she did great, rain and all.

Bag Balm was at it againÖ They even seemed to get more needy riders this year, I guess wet and spandex donít go well together.

Tom Sawyer on Sunday was a day of last minutes. With this being the first year of bad weather, at least my first year, it necessitated a lot of creative thinking. With help from the TEAM everything went well and most of the luggage stayed dry.

All in all, the ride was great. It was another one of our top years for riders. Well Saturday was, on Sunday I think at least 40% of the riders opted out. I am not sure how they got back to Louisville but we only had about 600 riders on Sunday. We'd had over 1100 on Saturday.

I hope that everyone that participated had a good time. I also want to get the word out early: Volunteer now; get the job you want and still be able to ride. As I keep on saying, just because you volunteer does not mean you do not get to ride.

As far as the volunteers go, I canít do this without them. The OKHT TEAM is the backbone to this ride. If you ever see a TEAM member, always say thank you.

If you want to volunteer, we can fill some spots right now. Want to compete in the sag themes, contact me and we will get you a sag to work your magic on.

Thank You to all my volunteers. A special thanks to my TEAM.

I hope to see a lot of repeat riders in 2008, and bring your friends that havenít ridden before.

It will be fun

Cathy Kinberger, Director 2008 OKHT


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