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January-February 2008 Newsletter

From the President
Polar Bear or Polar Bare?


I’m not a superstitious person but I firmly believe that not doing the Polar Bear ride on New Year’s Day is a bad omen for the new season. A lot of club members must agree because this is one of the bestattended events on the club’s schedule.

And why shouldn’t it be? It comes at the end of the holiday season and the beginning of the year. It’s almost bound to be an adventure. If the weather is great, as it was the year it hit 70° on New Year’s Day, you’re back in the wonderful days of the height of the season. If the weather’s challenging, as it was a few years back when it snowed or the year it was 16°, you can be one of the few and the brave that actually rides. That’s about as extreme as it gets. No naked riding or snow wheelies.

Of course there’ll be food. That’s always true when two or more cyclists are gathered in the name of the sport. The featured dish is chili. There’ll be several kinds. Bring a side dish or a dessert.

And bring something for the post-ride swap meet. Maybe something that you’ve grown out of and, in a fit of New Year’s Day honesty, are ready to admit that you’re not going to lose the pounds to get back into. Or that extra set of pedals that you’d use on that new frame, which you’re not going to get anytime soon. Anyway, think of it as a big cycling yard sale. There’s got to be something for you.

And if you do come, bring a big thank-you for AB and Betty Sandefur for hosting the riders at the Broadway Baptist Church on Brownsboro Road and Chenoweth Lane and for the chili and other treats that will await the frozen riders at the end of the ride.

Finally, a few good wishes for all club members as we begin the New Year. They are courtesy of our friend Dave Stewart, former VP Racing, who continues to work promoting serious racing in Louisville. Dave included these thoughts in a Newsletter article that he wrote several years ago:     1. Be an ambassador for cycling — watch your road and off-road manners.
    2. Practice missionary zeal. Bring one non-cyclist “into the fold” every year.
    3. Support your cycling club. They're the “fount” of our cycling culture. There's power in numbers. Be counted. Volunteer. Put your name on, and your time into, at least one cycling related event next year. A ride, a tour, a race, a board, a cleanup. Be proactive. There are lots of opportunities. Don't wait to be asked. Volunteers make it all happen. There is tremendous satisfaction in helping further a cause. If you just ride, you're a “limp stoker.”
    4. Shop at local bike shops. Support your local cycling merchants. They're part of the culture. Catalogs, both in paper and on-line, are pretty but they don't keep the local cycling community together the way that local merchants do.

Have a great season in 2008!


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