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May-June 2008 Newsletter

The 2008Ė2009 Masters National Road Race Championships Are Coming To Louisville!

by Dave Stewart

Iím at a point where I thought Iíd never be again. I actually have a schedule for the events for the 2008 Masters National Road Race Championships, right down to which class starts at which time.

With the considerable negotiating skills of Diane McGraw and Greg Fante of the Greater Louisville Sports Commission, a contract has finally been signed with USA Cycling. Itís a good contract; it is fair for all the parties concerned.

The event is expecting approximately 1500 competitors to show up the week of the races. Masters-aged athletes from virtually every state in the country will attend. Louisvilleís venue is especially attractive because of its proximity to such a large portion of the nationís racing population. As always, past Olympians and other top-ranked amateur competitors are expected.

There are going to be a number of first time happenings beginning with the 2008 Louisville Masters Natz. First, it becomes a 7-day event rather than a 5-day event. In recent years, some classes filled up to the field limit almost as soon as registration opened. For some classes this artificial barrier prevented a true championship from being contested. The extra two days in this yearís event allow for the addition of heats to insure that all viable contenders can compete for placements in the championships.

The time trial is still slated to be run on IN 111 with the Start / Finish at Caesarís (soon to be Horseshoe Southern Indiana) Casino. It will be held on Monday, June 30.

The road race will be run in Cherokee park on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, July 1-3. The one change is that only the loop will be used. The out-and-back portion used in 2003 that began at Big Rock and headed up to the tennis courts in Seneca will be eliminated.

The most exciting change from 2003 is with the Criterium course. The Criterium will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 4-6 in the infield at Churchill Downs. The horses will be racing those days as well. Plus on the 4th of July, WAKY will host an outdoor picnic in the infield as well. Provisions have been made for people to be able to race and to enjoy the horse racing as well. Plus look for bike racing on the big screens as well as horse racing.

As you can imagine, people are going to be needed to help. Before the first race begins, people who understand marketing, advertising, writing, photography, graphic design and event planning are going to be needed. We want to make the entire effort very attractive, plus a lot of fun, for sponsors, for racers and for racersí families. Once race week rolls around, just hold on. Everyone is going to have a great experience. Louisvilleís effort is not just to put on a great week of racing. Our community did that in 2003. The rest of the country remembers that week in August with great fondness. The idea is to offer any number of reasons for competitors and their families to come and stay for fun the entire week. We want them to spend the entire 4th of July week in Louisville. Not only will there be 4th of July festivities on the Waterfront, there will be ballgames many nights at Slugger Field. There will be horse racing each day at Churchill Downs. There are the wonderful attractions of the Bat Museum, Muhammad Ali Museum, the Speed Museum and the Churchill Downs Museum. Louisville has a wide range of great restaurants, golf courses and, of course, great places to ride bikes. We need to get the word out that it can be a wonderful experience for everyone in the family.

Interested? Drop me a line. Iíve ridden a lot of miles with many of you, so you already have my email and phone number. Besides those, Iíve set up another email address; LouisvilleMastersNationals@insightbb.com. Tell me a little about your interests and your abilities. I need your skills and your imagination to make this the most memorable week of the summer.

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