Louisville Bicycle Club
September-October 2008 Newsletter

The LBC Picnic

by Melissa Hall

The LBC Picnic day began hot and steamy with an overly crowded parking lot. It seems the park thoughtlessly triple booked that day. Confusion reigned as people arrived to ride before the picnic only to find there was absolutely no place to park. Rumors abounded that the police were ruthlessly ticketing anyone illegally parked. The table was filled with food that was not for the LBC picnic. The fields were filled with soccer players. Finally, despite the confusion, all the rides got underway. Luckily, by the time the riders from the various distances had returned, the tables had been cleared only to be loaded with delicious foods brought by various club members.

Barb Tretter and others worked to make things attractive by putting down table cloths that were then decorated by Jim Preston with some of his beautiful roses. Bobbie Leslie was the lucky recipient of one vase. I don’t know Jim Preston personally, but I was told that he is a past club president, yellow jersey winner, an avid cyclist and an extremely nice man. He certainly has a green thumb and an eye for beauty.

There were a number of tandem riders present: Larry Preble and his lovely wife, Margaret, along with Tom Armstrong and Jen Bowers, Deb and Steve Sexton, and Barry Luckett and Sara Selle. And yes, recumbent tandems look just as strange as their single brothers and sisters. It was odd not to see Vicky and Ron Dobbs on their tandem as they chose not to ride picnic day, but they did attend the festivities.

Rick Preble was present on a on a very retro 1972 Peugot PX- 10 with aero bars and a hydration camelback. Nathan Calloway, Josh Kuchenbrod, and Lauren Kamenish were present as well as a lot of other youngsters. (Lauren has been known to share a tandem with her father, Mike “Diesel,” though not on this day.) There are rumors that some of these other youngsters are picking up their parents love of cycling.

Carl “Screech” Davis had made the corn hole game, to quote Gizmo, engendering quite a competition. Mark Luking talked briefly about the upcoming cyclocross season and sessions to help new persons interested in the sport become participants. Laughter and jokes and talks of past rides and rides to be filled the air. Thanks to all who worked so hard to create this pleasant moment in time.


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