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January-February 2009 Newsletter

2009 Candidate Statements

by Larry Preble

Nominating Committee: Dr. Larry Preble, Chairman; Connie Guild, Laura Trachtenberg

Candidate for President: Earl Jones

We have made great progress as a club, which has benefited LBC members and the entire cycling community. We are a national model for other clubs because the variety, success and the integrated nature of our touring, education, racing and advocacy programs. We’re more financially secure, have more than 1,100 members and a much envied web presence.

These things don’t just happen. They take dedication, a commitment of time and leadership. I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to continue leading LBC because I believe we can become an even better club.

Candidate for V.P. Advocacy: Andrew Murphy

My fellow cyclists:

I am asking you to support my candidacy for VP-Advocacy. I’ve been an avid bicyclist for 11 years and a Louisville Bicycle Club member for 2 years. I’ve gotten to know many of you while riding the last couple of years. Those that know me know I am an advocate of safe cycling for all skill levels. If elected to this position, I will continue to build on the solid foundation Stewart Prather and VP’s before him have laid.

I retired September 1, 2007 after a 30 year career at Ford Motor Company where I was a team leader in the Paint Department, a member of the Emergency Response Team as well as the recording secretary, and an instructor for the GRASP (Guidelines Responsibilities And Safe Practices) program. Being retired, I have the time to devote to the job and as much as I enjoy riding a bicycle, I feel I have the sincere motivation to do this job well.

Thank you for your consideration.
Life is good

Candidate for V.P. Communications: David “PaCkMaN” Ryan

It has been two years and I have not seen too many pitchforks yet. I take that as a good omen. I would therefore appreciate the opportunity to serve again as communications VP. I hope that you, the general membership, have seen my corner as your corner and will allow me another year to promote cycling through this office. I am consistently available as your sounding board and conduit to other members and that will not change no matter what else does.

Candidate for V.P. Communications: Cathryn Kinberger

I want to be Officer of Communications Because I like graphic design, and I do love to ride the bike.
My interest in a newsletter goes back to my college days.
I always like to improve things that I see.
As for experience I have been doing graphic design since the 70's.
I have been schooling myself in web page design for a couple of years.
I have been keeping the OKHT web page up to date for the last two years.
And have been updated a newsletter for the senior center.
My goal is to ---- get the newsletter to more people.
How... Insure that the newsletter gets updated on the Bicycle club web page,
Also put a link on the Old Kentucky Home web page, and any other bike
Related sites that would like to trade links for their newsletters.
The other thing I would try to do is get more variety into the newsletter,
How, I am not sure, but expansion will not hurt our newsletter.
Thanks for the consideration towards this job.

Candidate for V.P. Education: Tom Armstrong

Many of you know me as a shop guy, arch recumbent enthusiast, and assistant instructor for the summer “new Rider” clinics. I have accepted the nomination to be the next VP Education. It is time for me to step up to serve the club in this position, and help the club grow with new safe riders.

I have been involved in the various education programs the club has presented for several years, and formalized my teaching skills by earning my League Cycling Instructor certificate in October 2007.

As Education VP, my goal is to build on the hard work of those before me and reach more members of the community at large, to encourage them to ride safely and often. I want to work with Louisville Metro Government in a joint effort to educate all road users on how bicycles fit in the city’s traffic plan, and to earn the next level of “Bicycle Friendly Community.”

I am, as the expression goes, “all about getting people on bikes.” Part of what I do toward that end is help folks learn about cycling. I hope I can earn your vote to be the next VP Education.

Tom Armstrong is a life-long cyclist who has been active in the Club since 1997. He rides for transportation, camaraderie, and fitness, and has active in the Club’s education programs since 2000.

Candidate for V.P. Racing: Mark Luking

In the past year there has been a tremendous amount of effort put into the racing program by the members of Team Louisville. We have refined our goals for the team and developed a clear set of standards for our members. We have developed a partnership with BikeClicks.com who will be our prime sponsor next season, and this has allowed us to bring in many new sponsors and greatly increase our funding for the racing program.

We have totally re-designed our uniforms for 2009 and have organized what promises to be a very competitive Cat III squad of racers. We have promoted or help promote several local races, including road, mountain and cyclocross events, and two national level races, the Master’s National Road Races and the US Grand Prix of Cyclocross. And all of this was done while our members continued to train hard and competed well in race throughout the region.

It has been a busy, exciting and, at times, exhausting year. I am very proud of what our team has accomplished this season and, with the club members support, would like to continue my roll as the VP of Racing for 2009.

Candidate for V.P. Touring: Kevin Jones

[Statement not available, but I'll vouch for him :-) - Ed.]

Candidate for Secretary: Barbara Tretter

NAME: Barbara Tretter
REASON TO BE NOMINATED: I think i have done this "job" since 2002. Apparently, the membership numbers & dues have increased significantly since I have taken over, so I guess that is a good thing. Of course, this means you have to have close contact with the treasurer!!!!!
INTEREST IN/EXPERIENCE IN: have done it for a long time, whether people like it or not!!!! I try to take care of any problems ----when I know about them.
GOALS: I guess to keep doing it until some more qualified steps in to take over the position.

Candidate for Treasurer: Jim Tretter

I want to be Treasurer to continue the legacy I’ve built since the early 1990’s when the club had no financial accountability, reportability or government compliance. My education and job experience qualify me for this position. My goal is to maintain a solid business accountability base that enables growth in club programs and projects.


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