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January-February 2009 Newsletter

Old Kentucky Home Tour: It Was Another Great Year


The 31st Annual Old Kentucky Home Tour is over and it was wonderful. There were over 1050 riders this year. Though this wasnít our biggest ride, those that did ride got some of the best weather you could ask for. We had sunny skies on Sunday, with temps in the low 80ís; Saturday was 77 and light clouds. I was jealous!

We Have Great Sponsors!

Byerly Ford and Schellerís Fitness & Cycling came back this year as Major Sponsors. They have come to our call for quite a few years now. David and Greg both rode this year, I saw them out there and they had smiles on their faces. Milestone Fitness and Wellness Center gave their support, their Yoga classes a huge success again this year. Tammy did the classes and she stayed until we forced her to leave. We had a last minute sponsor this year: MoonBow Muffins. Jenn called me up at the last minute asking if she could donate muffins. I never guessed that she would stay all weekend and give away her muffins both days. She went through 500 energy muffins in those two days. Heine Bros. Coffee and Nancyís Bagels came through again. What would Saturday morning be without a carbo load and caffeine? All the bread at all the sags was provided by Breadworks. Flaget Hospital was back in Bardstown taking care of our cuts and scrapes. They did not get busy at all and that means we all had a good day. Our Pizza Sag would not have been possible without the support of BoomBazz pizza. They got them to us timely and still hot.

The volunteers this year did a great job. (they always do!)

Paul Klein took Bardstown for the first time this year and he nailed it. Nothing was overlooked, he took my checklist to heart and did even more than he was asked. I am sure that Paul will agree with me when I say that his job was made much easier by Howie. We would never be able to pull off the Bardstown portion of the OKHT without the help of Howie Wycliff. Howie was the guy that you asked for something and he never failed us. I told him this year that IF he ever decides to retire, he has to train his replacement for US.

Our numbers man Jim Tretter; between being the treasurer for the LBC and the registration man for the OKHT Jim put in more hours than almost any member of the club. Jim is another one that if I need a number, he gets me the number. Not only does Jim lead the registration for OKHT, he gets his own volunteers and that helps me more than his other jobs.

Then there was my right hand, and your new director... Lynn Luking. Lynn is the consummate volunteer; she can anticipate what you want before you ask. Lynn covered my backside for two years now. I hope that next year I give her as much help as she gave me these last two years. You will see my presence next year; I will be going back to Sag Coordinator and anything else that our new Director wants me to do.

I want to thank each and every volunteer that helped make the 2008 OKHT as good as it was this year. This type of ride could never be done without the help of each of you.

That being saidÖ it is NEVER too early to volunteer for the 2009 OKHT. The OKHT is in a bit of trouble, the OKHT TEAM needs volunteers. There are key areas that went vacant this year. This meant that people on the TEAM had to double and triple up on their jobs. The TEAM needs you. Contact Lynn Luking if you want to join the TEAM. All the TEAM positions that need to be filled are jobs that allow you to ride both days of the OKHT, but the jobs need to be filled NOW. I canít impress upon you enough that if these jobs donít get filled the OKHT may not be able to continue.

I really enjoyed the Sag Stops this year, we got a new crew at Jordan Technologies (sat. sag 1) this year. The Spoke n Word crew from Southeast Christian took over from the MS squad. They did great and almost all of them rode after closing the sag. The KMRO Motorcycle club came back to Lincoln Homestead. They had fun and were making sandwiches to order for the riders.

Ride the century and meet the KMRO crew next year. They might even bring out the bikes in 2009. The MS Team moved to the cookie stop for 2008, and Debi Hatton (our Ms. Ironwoman) and her team took Mt. Zion. What would Sunday morning be without the surprise at Harmony Habitat? The Sarson/Sexton team outdid themselves again, what will they come up with for 2009? The LBC Racing Team came back to Lily Pike again this year. This is another group that rides after they are done at their sag, some of them not even stopping for lunch, and they just like riding. Of course we cannot forget Team Bag Balm. They had a long line while I was there, but they do enjoy themselves. You havenít lived until Ted Bag Balms you. This is just another great way to volunteer, turn a sag into your SAG. I hear that Leslie already is making plans for the cookie stop for 2009. Contact the OKHT TEAM and grab your sag today. Donít get caught late. Get off the couch, go to your computer and volunteer today!

Do you want to get a unique gift?

You can pre-order the 2009 OKHT Jersey. We will send you a gift card with a picture of the 32nd Annual OKHT Jersey for your favorite rider. Your jersey will be sent to you upon receipt, there will be no need to wait for the OKHT, you will be the first on your block with your jersey. The OKHT jersey has sold out the last 3 years and I am sure that the 2009 jersey will not be any different.

The 2009 OKHT Web Page

The OKHT web page is always being updated. We also added a section for donations. There are many items that we have to buy annually that you might be able to provide for us. Check out the news sections of the web page to see what we need. As soon as the registrations form is ready the web page will be the first place that gets updated. You will be able to print out your form and be the first to register.

As I said earlier, Lynn is taking over the Director duties for me. 2008 was my 3rd year as director. It is a busy job but when things go right, it is a great job. I enjoyed my time doing the Director's job and learned from the experience. Give Lynn all the help you gave me and more so that she enjoys her job.

Your new Sag Coordinator
Cathy Kinberger


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