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22nd OKHT Photos — September 11, 1999

Christine Anderson pondering her camera as she waited for her riding companion at the start of Routt Road.
In the pre-dawn darkness, Jim Preston preparing his roving SAG vehicle for an action-packed day ahead.
Larry Varney astride his Rans V-Rex recumbent (minus the full fairing) discussing the finer points of recumbents with Duc Do.
Ready to go! Jane Anne Tyler got her registration packet and ready to head out on the OKHT ride.
Impressive feat! Bob (Boom-boom) Brasher and Gary (Mad Dog) Mudd rode this ancient Schwinn Twinn 45 miles to Bardstown.
Chris Quirey at the start of his solitary 67-mile ride to Bardstown, the 67-mile route being the least popular option with the riders.
Alan Darby and Ellen Mueller on their red Santana tandem enjoying the easy going pace with Paul Battle.
Joe Argabrite being pushed around by five-year-old stokid Zak on the newly-adapted tandem just for this OKHT ride.
Denise Everett and Nancy McElwain enjoying the refreshments at SAG #1 near Whitfield in Bullitt County.
Janice Weihl, Alice Filiatreau, and Barbara Berman manning the refreshment table at SAG #1, the most popular SAG stop all day.
The double paceline rolling down Plum Creek Road near Waterford.
The returning 60-mile riders near the Floyds Fork crossing on Broad Run Rd.
The riders meeting their challenge on the Broad Run Rd. hill, the same cursed hill that is part of the popular Tour de Gil route.
Cheryl Brawner, Kimble Howard, Les Terry, and Earl Jones enjoying a relaxing moment after a hard day’s work.

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