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The following is a list of photo compilations from various LBC functions and events. Each link will open up in a new window.

Other contributions:

L’Esprit Road Race: Photos from the Spring Training Race at L’Esprit on Saturday, March 25, 2000.
Club Picnic (August 8, 1999) The membership gathered for the annual picnic on a rare rainy day in August. Despite the rain, everyone had a great time and the food disappeared quickly. (Photos by Bob Dorzback)
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Rollers Races (February 6, 1999) The 1999 Rollers Races were produced by the Fast Forward Racing Team and was held at Green Tree Mall in Clarksville, Ind. (Photos by Cheryl Brawner)
1998 Awards Banquet (December 5, 1998) Scenes from the LBC’s Annual Awards Banquet, held this year at the Louisville Zoo’s new African Outpost. (Photos by Bob Dorzback)
A Saturday Morning Club Ride (August 1, 1998) A typical Saturday morning club ride. This one is captained by Jay “Ed” Akers from Long Run Park. But an atypical high pressure weather system gives us sunny and mild condition, with low humidity a sublime day for a ride.
WACKY/TACKY (June 27-28, 1998) It’s so much fun riding across the state, we did it twice in one weekend. WACKY Louisville to Franklin, KY. TACKY, the other way. 160 miles each way. In 95° weather!
Tour de Gil (June 24, 1998) Come join us for a virtual ride on this venerable club ride, a rite of summer courtesy of Gil Morris, proprietor of Highland Cyclery.
Memorial Day Trip (May 22-24, 1998) A self-supported touring ride to the heart of Kentucky for the Campbellsville WHAS Crusade for Children Ride.

LBC Centennial Ride (September 28, 1997) A ride to celebrate our cycling roots which dated back to the late 19th century. (Photos by Keith Stoltz)
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